Untrained staff can have a measurable impact on profit, staff morale and performance. Training is directly supportive of business objectives to develop employee’s knowledge, skills and attitudes to trigger.

  • Technical Change.
  • Product Development.
  • Increase Productivity (less waste/materials, greater flexibility to respond to issues.)
  • Increased Competition.
  • Fill Skills Gaps.
  • Update Skills.
  • Learn New Skills.
  • Positive retention of Investment
  • Better accuracy and efficiency.

Health, Safety and Environmental objectives

Providing health & safety training for employees not only helps them to acquire the skills to carry out their work safely, but also fulfils the legal responsibilities placed on employers by both The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

So what training should we be looking to do?

It needs to cover all the topics within the arrangement section of your policy, e.g. manual handling, first aid, fire, COSHH etc; the degree and depth of training for individuals is really based on their role, position and complexity of the work being undertaken based on risk assessment. Typically, the following should be considered when planning company training.

  • Induction training.
  • Work procedures.
  • Job specific training e.g. (hazardous substance trg)
  • Role specific training e.g. (manager needing a good level of h & s knowledge)
  • Site specific training (machinery, layout and operation)
  • Specialist trg e.g. (legionella trg)

Training – All course prices are based on a 20 mile radius of our work location

  • Activity First Aid – FAA Level 3/6 Award Scotland – 2-Day
  • Annual Refresher for First Aiders – Half Day
  • BLS & Safe Use of an AED – FAA Level 5 Award Scotland – 4 hours
  • Defibrillation – FAA Level 5 Award Scotland (CPR & AED skills) 1-day
  • Defibrillation Annual Refresher – Half Day
  • Emergency First Aid at Work – FAA Level 3/6 Scotland Award – 1-day
  • First Aid at Work – FAA Level 3/6 Scotland – 3-day
  • Paediatric Emergency First Aid – FAA Level 3/6 Scotland – 1 day
  • Paediatric First Aid – FAA Level 3/6 Scotland – 2 Day