Manual Handling Training Course

Manual Handling Course Overview

Manual Handling Course (MHC)1 day
£ 90 pp

Price includes: Registration, book, certification and credit card id
National Qualification: Level 5 (Scotland SCQF) Level 2`x (England, Wales and Northern Ireland RQF). All COVID 19 restrictions are as per HSE /GOV guidelines. No need to stop this important training, we have it covered

We have all had a sore back at one stage or another in our life.

Back pain, stiff shoulders, neck are all symptoms of poor handling and posture.This could be caused by workplace constraints or positioning.

In order to benefit the Learner, the qualification develops their understanding of the principles of safe manual handling, so that they can apply what they have learned to their working environment and make their practices safer.

It is vital to ensure workers are not exposed to physical risks arising from manual handling. Evaluating the risk and training employees will go a long way to ensure this does not happen.

Actually the worst thing you can do after a manual handling injury is sit about.Rather than sit around, it is far more advantageous for you to go about your everyday routine. Even if your duties are light, your body is still moving.

Manual Handling Training Course

Manual Handling

Most of us have experienced a back injury or strained muscle at some point in our lives. As a result, the pain and discomfort last much longer after the injury, which prevents you from participating in your favorite sport or activity. Poor posture and poor lifting techniques are not rocket science, but you’d be amazed at how many workers do not apply the techniques even after training.

As evidenced by their regulations and advisory notices that promote good practices, the Health and Safety Executive has acknowledged the risks associated with manual handling. Manual handling at work requires knowledge of controls and hazards, so the qualification is designed for those performing this activity at work. Employees who perform manual handling activities at work are expected to follow appropriate precautions, including training.

Location: This course is designed to be delivered in a classroom in your workplace.
(Please talk to us about your business and needs so we can tailor the course to your business)

Manual Handling Course objectives:

The qualification is to benefit Learners through developing their understanding of the principles of safe manual handling so they can apply what they have learned to their working environment and make their practices safer.

Course Contents

  • Legislation
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Strains, sprains, ligament injuries
  • Accident reporting
  • Risk assessment (MAC/ART tool)
  • Good practice (safe posture, lifting and planning, tile)
  • Working environment
  • Other environmental factors

    Who will Benefit from the Manual Handling training course?

  • All workers would benefit by attending this course

    Manual Handling Assessment Process

  • The qualification is assessed through practical demonstration of efficient and safe manual handling and a written assessment paper.
  • Learners must successfully pass both parts of the assessment to achieve the qualification. There is no grading of the assessment; learners pass or are referred.
  • The minimum classroom contact time of 6 hours can be delivered over 1 day


  • The class ratio for this qualification is a maximum of 16 learners to 1 Trainer/Assessor
  • Employer’s responsibility to ensure that the student is fit enough to attend the course.
  • During COVID the maximum number of students is 8, again this is dependent on site and classroom.
    An assessment will be conducted prior to going firm on numbers


    The qualification does not have an expiry date but refresher training and keeping up to date with changes to policies, procedures and new legislation through ongoing CPD is vital.

    Progression Learners who achieve this qualification may progress on to higher level Health and Safety qualifications.

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