Fire Training Course

Fire Training Course Overview

One in three businesses will never recover from a major fire. There’s no need for your business to appear in this statistic.

To help out clients, Driscoll Safety Ltd currently offers multiple fire safety courses, including our highly recommended Fire Safety Aware course.

It is possible to greatly reduce the risk of fire by simply equipping designated members of staff with even a basic level of fire training. We train your employees according to your fire risk assessment and in accordance with fire legislation.

Fire legislation guidelines should be followed by both employers and employees in the event of a fire, in order to reduce injury or death.

As a business, you must carry out regular fire risk assessments and make their content known to ALL employees. Maintain all escape routes, fire and emergency exits. Maintenance and inspection of fire and emergency equipment should be conducted regularly, rectifying faults as soon as possible.

If the fire alarm goes off, know where all the fire exits are (don’t assume that you will be at the desk).
Firefighting equipment should be located and used appropriately. Ensure that you are familiar with all of the fire alarm call points.

In the event of a fire in your business, your staff, visitors, tradesmen, and members of the public should know what to do.This process is greatly aided by fire marshals.

Fire Training Course

Action you need to take to reduce fire hazards

In order to reduce fire hazards in the workplace, employers should:

  • To carry out regular fire risk assessments, and make their content known to ALL employees.
    • To maintain all escape routes,and emergency exits.
    • To ensure that regular maintenance is carried out on all fire and emergency equipment,rectifying faults as soon as possible.
    • To remove hazards where possible, where not practicable, put into place procedures to reduce the likelihood of injury.
    • To provide staff with emergency evacuation procedure training and practice good housekeeping.
    • To supply adequate signposting of escape routes and firefighting equipment.
    • To supply adequate methods of alerting people to fire.

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    Actions when you hear the fire alarm

    To ensure proper actions are taken when the fire alarm sounds, all personel within the building should implement the following fire safety practices:

    • Close all windows and doors.
    • (Fire Marshals perform their duties as per training)
    • Ensure all employees/visitors/tradesmen evacuate the building.
    • If a person is not able to leave the building due to a disability, they should be placed in a refuge point as far from the fire as possible.They should not block any exits,and a member of staff should remain with them. Once they arrive, the Fire and Rescue Service must be informed immediately of any such people.
    • Avoid running as a fall is the commonest reason that exit routes become blocked.
    • Do not attempt to protect or remove property as this may endanger your safety and impede others.
    • Never re-enter the building.

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