Core Programmes

Our Core Health & Safety Training Programmes

You can read about our core services and expertise below or alternatively you can contact us to discuss how we can help you create your bespoke health and safety management system.

core programmes

1. Free Safety Diagnostic

This is a discussion, based on a 10 point safety questionnaire we send you

No obligation.

This diagnostic gives you/us an idea where you and your business are in relation to health and safety.

We Will look at:

  • Free 1-hour consultaion,once you have filled in and returned my questionnaire.
  • Do you or your business need extra support or just a title guidance to do it yourself ?
  • What does that support look like? site visit? building a management system? training? documentation?
  • Any recommendations are based on best practice methodologies.
core programmes

2. One off or one stop service

Most effective businesses manage their health and safety undertakings.

Remember your example affects the behaviour of others.

Stop procrastinating, get in touch, we will tell you if we can help or not.

We can come on-site or discuss via video conference call to assist you by looking at a specific issue you have.

Upon your acceptance, we go to work for you. Depending on your needs it may include, but is not limited to:

  • Carrying out a risk assessments of your facility or an individual based assessment on a particular topic e.g COSHH, Manual Handling.
  • An annual audit of your health and safety management system.
  • On-site support and inspection.
  • Assistance  with HSE record-keeping arrangements.
  • Write policies, procedures or safe systems of work.
  • If you’re not happy we will keep at it until you are.
core programmes

3. Training Diagnostic

What happens if I train staff and they leave?
What happens if you don’t and they stay?

You then have a workforce who are not trained, alternatively you train people which shows that you care and value your staff. This gains a great reputation for you and your company and it increases productivity.

Every regulation in health and safety focuses on instruction, training, supervision.

Do your workforce have the necessary skills and competency to do the job? Yes, I hear you say.

Let me rephrase that question, Do they have the skillset to do the job safely?

We will look at:

  • Devising a programme of training which contributes towards your employees’ competency.
  • Aligning this with your policy and procedures.
  • Induction, job skills (safe systems of work), basic health and safety training.
  • Risk assessments, manual handling, handling substances hazardous to health which may involve on the job training.
core programmes

4. Full Monty Diagnosis and 24/7 support

No, we don’t mean we will strip off, we mean like Field Marshal Montgomery

“Every soldier must know, before he goes into battle, how the little battle he is to fight fits into the larger picture, and how the success of his fighting will influence the battle as a whole.”

This is where we can offer to work with you from concept to completion; generally, the programme encompasses everything from developing your management system to carrying out training.

This ensures that you have ongoing support, with the aim of eventually standing on your own.

By outsourcing your safety it allows you to have the expertise without a full time safety manager, it gives you the flexibility of a contractual arrangement.

We will look at:

  • Gap Analysis.
  • Your health and safety management system.
  • Writing all policies and procedures for health and safety.
  • Developing risk assessments & safe systems of work.
  • Incorporating all training functions and plans.
  • Delivering and /or developing the training .
  • Assisting with or develop a statutory planned preventative maintenance programme.